How could art be used to expand the reach of KONELĪNE:our land beautiful?

Social media has proven that most people look among their peers to gather information and learn about the world. After much contemplation (and a lot of ideas on the cutting room floor) we arrived at a final concept: to explore life in the North through the interpretive lenses of five urban storytellers from the South. And, to present those stories in an interactive website where users could explore the content.

Five artists, five unique interpretations.

Each urban artist—they include a bodypainter, spoken word beat poet, graffiti artist, EDM music duo, and hip-hop choreographer—was paired with one of the characters in the film and asked to create an inspired interpretation in their own art form. Interviews with each southern artist, video clips of the works-in-progress, and final artwork were recorded and integrated into the web experience.

Imagery, typography and video storytelling.

The North through South interactive website plays on the creativity of the film while including media from characters in KONELĪNE:our land beautiful and 5 new urban artists.

It is hoped that the urban artists will help draw a new crowd, including many of their current fans and followers. As they interact with the content, viewers are introduced to the themes and characters of the film in an emotionally connected way. The result is an artful and cinematic journey that invites the audience to participate in creating and sharing mixed media from both worlds while enticing people to see KONELĪNE: our land beautiful.

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