“A feast for the eyes…in the hands of an expert story teller. KONELĪNE is a wise, humanistic documentary…. a tone poem to a beautiful land and the amazing characters who live in it. I urge you to see it.”
Marc Glassman, POV

KONELĪNE:our land beautiful is a sensual, cinematic celebration of northwestern British Columbia, and all the dreamers who move across it.

Some hunt on the land. Some mine it. They all love it. Set deep in the traditional territory of the Tahltan First Nation, KONELĪNE captures beauty and complexity as one of Canada’s vast wildernesses undergoes irrevocable change.

Some hunt on the land. Some mine it. They all love it.

An art film with politics, drama, and humour, KONELĪNE:our land beautiful explores different ways of seeing—and being. A guide outfitter swims her horses across the vast Stikine River. The world’s biggest chopper flies 16,000-pound transmission towers over mountaintops. KONELĪNE‘s characters delight while smashing stereotypes: white hunters carry bows and arrows; members of the Tahltan First Nation hunt out of a pickup with high-powered rifles. There are diamond drillers—both Native and white—and elders who blockade them. There’s a Tahltan son struggling to preserve a dying language, and a white guy who sings “North to Alaska ” to his stuffed moose.

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KONELĪNE:our land beautiful
does not lecture; it surprises with cinematic action and visual poetry. It is a bold experimental film from some of Canada’s leading documentary artists.

See what some of the critics are saying:

“Transcendent, breathtaking spectacle….she let the camera hunt for art in every frame, mining veins of abstract beauty rather than sharp nuggets of political narrative.  She allows every image an ecumenical gaze.”
Brian D. Johnson, MACLEAN’S

 “Astonishing, stunningly beautiful…. equal parts sigh, song and cry.”
Linda Barnard, TORONTO STAR (3.5 out of 4 stars)

“Captures the danger and promise of an inspiring natural world”

“Stunning spectacle finds visual poetry…nurtures nuance”

“Breathtaking… gripping… finds beauty in unexpected places.”

“Moral ambiguity being served by fantastic visuals… beautiful, complicated, compelling.”

Broadcast: Fall 2016

Broadcasters:  Super Channel, Canal D, Knowledge

Screenings & Tickets

The Community Hall
Hornby Island
  • March 25, 2018 - 4:00pm