We Tell Incredible Stories.

Canada Wild Productions is an independent documentary film and television production established in 1991 and based in Vancouver.

The principals of Canada Wild are Director Nettie Wild and Producer Betsy Carson.  We specialize in creating accessible and engaging documentaries and public art projects which open doors to debate and dialogue on controversial issues.

It’s our belief that behind the politics in our communities lie human dramas with lessons that can deeply affect our lives.  Decades of experience in getting our stories out to Canadian and international audiences have resulted in a unique form of distribution which blends broadcast television, online streaming and theatrical screenings in cinemas with community based forums.

Some kind words about our project, FIX
As a political act FIX is an urgent and just and heartbreaking film. As a work of art it expands the known limits of human nature with remarkable portraits.
- Michael Ondaatje, Author - The English Patient