Coming June 28th to Vancouver, BC


UNINTERRUPTED will bring the heart of a wild salmon-bearing river to the heart of the city by transforming a downtown Vancouver bridge in the summer of 2017.

After dusk, audiences will witness the extraordinary migration of wild Pacific salmon in a 30-minute cinematic spectacle that explores the connection between nature and our urban environment.

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Summer 2017: From the heart of the river to the heart of the city

As the sun sets over Vancouver this summer, the undersurface of the Cambie Bridge will transform into a wild river filled with migrating salmon. UNINTERRUPTED takes viewers on a beautiful and immersive journey that has been repeated in BC waters for millennia.

Spectators will travel upstream with silver Sockeye turning to crimson as they return to their freshwater birthplace to spawn – a natural cycle that nourishes land, water, animals and people, but faces growing threats from human intervention.

UNINTERRUPTED is a blend of cinematic storytelling and high-tech art installation, bringing the mystery of the salmon run to the heart of the city. The stunning images are digitally mapped and projected on the bridge surfaces – creating a half-hour of captivating cinema and sound that reveals nature’s resilience and vulnerability.

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