Director/Writer/Producer: Nettie Wild

Nettie Wild is one of Canada’s leading documentary filmmakers. Her highly charged and critically acclaimed films have brought her audiences behind the frontlines and headlines of revolutions and social change around the world.

Nettie is best known for her award winning documentary features : FIX: The Story of an Addicted City (2002), A PLACE CALLED CHIAPAS (1998), BLOCKADE (1993) and A RUSTLING OF LEAVES: Inside the Philippine Revolution (1988). Nettie Wild’s films have been distributed theatrically, and broadcast in Canada and internationally.   She has been honoured at film festivals around world and has won the Genie Award twice for Best Feature Documentary in Canada. Among other honors she has won Best Feature Documentary from the International Documentary Association as well as top honours from the Forum of New Cinema at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Her latest projects explore new forms of storytelling:   INSIDE STORIES (2011) is a multi- platform web experience launched in the fall of 2011. BEVEL UP (2007) is a groundbreaking documentary and interactive DVD. IN PROFILE: Deepa Mehta (2012) uses split screen to tell its story. Uninterrupted, currently in development, is an installation using digital mapping to project documentary footage of the Adams’ River Sockeye Run onto the Cambie Street bridge spanning Burrard Inlet . Nettie is also writing her first screenplay, HUNGER which has been completed to first draft.

WILD AT HEART, a book focusing on her work and career, was published in 2009 and there have been multiple retrospectives of her work as well as a recent profile in POV Magazine. In 2010 she received the BC Film Critics Circle Award for her contribution to the film industry and the Vancouver Sun named her as one of British Columbia’s “most influential women. In addition to directing, Nettie is also much in demand as a story editor, teacher and lecturer and was Filmmaker in Residence at the National Film Board in 2007..