Bevel Up is an educational film designed to give students and instructors access to the experience of health care practitioners who work with the drug-using population of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Produced by the same street nurses who work with these users on a daily basis, the film contains invaluable knowledge that can’t be found in nursing schools and teaching hospitals.

A team of street nurses reach out to youth, sex workers and street-entrenched men and women in Vancouver’s inner city. Most importantly the nurses reflect on attitudes they bring to their work – attitudes that make or break the relationship needed to provide practical and nonjudgmental health care.

Bevel Up consists of

  • 45-min documentary – compelling on-location footage follows a team of experienced outreach nurses
  • Chaptered version of documentary with teaching menus
  • Reflections on Practice – from nurses, a nursing ethicist and a nursing practice consultant
  • +Topics – 26 interviews with leading experts on relevant subjects